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January 2015: Brainstorming

Transition Towns are an international program to help towns and cities across the world work together to build local resilience in the face of climate changes, oil depletion, and economic crisis. (see transitionus.com)

We’re meeting on Wednesday the 21st at 7pm to talk about what programs we want to offer this year. Please let us know what YOU are interested in seeing (and helping out with) to make Lawton more vibrant and resilient.

We are an all-volunteer, small grassroots organization. Last year we published an awesome, free Local Food Guide (made with zero advertising or budget), held educational film programs such as Food, Inc., FLOW (How Did a Handful of Corporations Steal our Water?), and The Sanctity of Sanctuary; we held “reskilling” events like Canning and Freezing, Probiotic Fermentation, Medicinal Herbs, Solar Dehydrators and Ovens; we held a spring seed exchange and continue to monitor our Seed Bank in the Lawton Public Library, and work with 4th and 5th graders in the Elementary School garden. We also had a campaign to get backyard Chickens accepted in the Village ordinances — not successful, but at least it opened the discussion! We can’t do these without you and your support, so please join us!

Local Lawton Meeting Flyer, 1/15

June 2014: Water Issues

We met in June to watch an excellent film about water, and followed that with a lively discussion of the many issues presented in the film, as well as a few more which weren’t covered (like “Fracking,” which has recently arrived in West Michigan). Take-aways:

  1. Bottled water is bad news (secret: it’s just tap water from somewhere else, and is less-regulated and less-tested than municipal drinking water). Moreover, people often pay more for it per gallon than gasoline, even while they have perfectly safe water freely available to drink!
  2. Water privatization is a huge issue, especially in the “developing” world, where people’s rights are being undercut by ruthless corporations, who are forcing them to either pay dearly for what used to be free, or drink from polluted streams and lakes, with many getting sick and dying from the latter.
  3. There are a lot of concerns locally about aquifers and wells being ruined by the “fracking” process, as well as the wastefulness and unsustainability of large-scale irrigation pumping by industrial agriculture to grow commodity crops (humans don’t generally eat GMO field corn / soybeans directly). The aquifers are being pumped down at a much faster rate than they’re being replenished, which has already caused thousands of wells to run dry in the more arid west—this will happen in Michigan if we don’t change our ways!

Here’s a trailer for the movie we saw:

Water Meeting Poster

September 2013: Community Potluck Picnic

We met at Lewis Park for a picnic & discussion—where we got to know some neighbors and community families. We brought dishes to share (mostly stuff from our own gardens or the Lawton’s Farmers Market), our own tableware, plates and drinks. Families were welcome. We talked about what we’ve been doing as a group and looked toward future projects, such as a possible tool-lending library, fix-it shop, and more. Great time had by all, as usual!

Potluck Plate