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August 2013: Field Trip to Stone Circle Farm

We visited Stone Circle Farm—the home of Rita and Norm Bober,  south of Lawton. We saw how they are working on sustainability during a tour of their 15 acres, including a passive-solar home, PV solar array, fruit and nut orchard, vegetable garden, small livestock, medicinal plants, trees, shrubs and more! Rita and Norm are founding members of Local Lawton  and it was great to see how they live lightly on the earth on this beautiful property.

June 2013: Field Trip to Little Red Hen Farm

Another sustainable homestead tour!

In June of 2013 we took a field trip to Paw Paw to visit Little Red Hen Farmstead, home of Jonathan and Lori.  There they practice many aspects of a sustainable lifestyle including: keeping small livestock, solar and wind power, vegetable gardens, a greenhouse with aquaponics (raising fish and plants together), canning and fermentation, cheese-making,  maple syrup making, knitting, natural dyeing w/ plant materials, and more.

Here are some photos from that visit, thanks again to Lori and Jonathan for hosting us, we love what you are doing!